Hi, I'm Kaari.

A Southern California girl, born & raised. Married to my person and now FOUR kids deep in this wonderful life - my love for photography started with them and the need to remember forever all their little ways.

There is nothing more important than this moment here & now. Life changes all too quickly, there is no notice. No subtle hints or soft whispers. One minute you're wondering when it will change and the next you're wondering when it ALL changed. This is my small attempt at documenting the very air your loved ones breathe, the way they speak, how they move, the love they give - the things you'll never want to forget. And try as we might, we just can't remember it all. It slips away, it fades, becoming distant. All that's left is whatever we have documented.

This is my remembering. Lovely storytelling with a classic and timeless touch.

Happily photographing in sunny Orange County, California. Meet me at the beach.